Need Ideas to put on realistic map

I am currently making a realistic map that I want to sell in the future. The problem is, is that I have a lot of flat land, with nothing to put on it. Keep in mind this is a Forest - Type map. I am a huge nature geek, so I try to get the most details possible.

Once you look at the map, you may have some easy ideas to throw out there. For example, “Finish making the map with grass!” and “Finish both of the rivers and put the little rocks/pebbles on the side!”. I already know about those and I am still working on that. Since it’s the holidays though, I do not have much time to develop. I am also modeling other realistic trees to add more of a variety.

If anyone has any knowledge about the leaves of the trees going white and transparent - ish; It would be really helpful to know how to fix it.

Here are the images of the map

All feedback is appreciated!

Happy Holidays! :christmas_tree:


Good lighting, realistic detail. Good job.

It sticks out a bit.

Great work!

Yeah I realize. That hill needs major fixing. I was planning on putting something on top of it. Is there anything you think I should add? The map feels extremely empty.


This tree looks off compared to other trees. I suggest adding some bushes.


Cherry Bushes.

Berry Bushes.



The trees look copy and paste. Rotate them around a bit and such.

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Oh right! That tree was the very first tree I modeled. When I started to make this map, I was testing around a bit. I will remove that tree. Also, that’s a good Idea about the bushes and such. I will also rotate the trees so they look less copy and paste.

Thanks for the feedback and Happy Holidays! :christmas_tree:

You should add some rocks, paths and maybe add bushes and make the trees look less copypasted.
Also I think I’ve seen you put some free models there, keep in mind you can’t sell builds with free models.
Good luck!

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You might want to add some differentiation in the trees, as well as having them less equally spaced.

I dont know if you know it but there is grass in the water and its not really normal that normal grass is in the water (some grass grow in water but they are different) The flowers are giving too much light. But in the positive way the map is very well build, its really beatifull. :smile:

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Above you asked if there would be something fitting to place atop the hill. To me, I believe a church or something central-like would look good up there. Again, that’s just me, however, good luck on your endeavors.

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There are no free models in the map I am making. Thanks for worrying though!

Happy Holidays! :christmas_tree:

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Yes, I am making more trees to add a variety. I will also make them less equally spaced. Thanks for the feedback!

Happy Holidays! :christmas_tree:

I would also scale some of the trees to be larger than the others, you want the trees to look as random as possible.

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Since Roblox released a geometric grass you should use it since the map is mainly terrain. Good luck and hope this helped!

I am using the new geometric grass roblox gave us. I am in love with it, I just haven’t finished painting the map yet with the grass. I stated that in my post.

Happy Holidays! :christmas_tree: