Need ideas what to add to my map

Hi, Builder

I came here to ask you some questions about my map.

I am not a builder, but I try to make my builds as best and professional as possible I would like to share it and hear how the community thinks about it. Also, it would be great if you suggested me what to add to the map.


If your trying to recreate a city street scene,
• Streetlights
• Sidewalks
• Cars (Maybe too advanced)
• Trafficlights
• Crosswalks
• Road lane lines
• People
• Signs
• Decor
• Trees

As shown below:
There is so many things if you take the time to look closely.

I do highly suggest you don’t use free models but instead build off them.
The garbage dumpster and traffic cones can be recreated within Blender or Roblox Studio (Might be harder).
When I first started, I used free models not to cut time off but to learn how to use the program.
I recreated over 30 models just to be familiar with things such as unions and precise block scaling and modeling.

Goodluck, I hope this helped.


I am trying to make game like Murder Mystery 2.

When game starts fog turns to black and fog ends in 120 studs hard to see the map.

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Looks interesting so far, keep it up!

Few general tips:

Try to avoid too much direct copy pasting like this:


or this

While I do like the fact that you added these little bricks, I would try to mix them around more, instead of having the same brick sequence in a literal diagonal line.

Also, maybe try and make the buildings less of a single color, try adding different levels to the buildings, each different colors, or styles, to add a little more spice to them. You see how city buildings like these have sort of a bottom layer, usually the entrance to a shop, and then transition into the wall of windows like you have?



I would sort of do the same for the interiors, in the picture with the purple room, the size seems fine and all, but the walls are entirely purple. I would play around with building different trims to go along the bottom of the walls, divisors, and interesting ceilings. You can use pictures like these for reference:



Other than that, I agree with the suggestions Axcerious made, and would highly recommend looking at images of city streets to get some general ideas of what they look like, what kinds of objects you’d find, and what makes them unique.

  • Flower/plant patches
  • Food stalls
  • Garbage cans
  • Bus stops
  • Tables w/ umbrellas
  • Scaffolding
  • Hedges & fences along buildings
  • Bicycle racks

I hoped this helped.


Everything looks good , only thing is that colors are too bright
also i would add some streetlights if i were you

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  • Highway
  • Intersection Lights
  • Stop Signs
  • Billboards
  • Decoration
  • Realistic Decals
  • Use different textures (Brick, Concrete to make it realistic)
  • Sewers
  • NPC’s around the map
  • Decoration on the road
  • Tiny Details
  • Doors on the buildings
  • More buildings
  • Parking lot

Road texture - White lining
Light poles


I suggest adding more shrubbery, and plants. Maybe add a large park with a walkway and such.

Plants add a nice friendly touch to things, and it makes the place feel more natural



As previously mentioned, I highly recommend lowering the stressful brightness of your buildings. Without having read the body of your post, I immediately thought that your build was a funhouse, not a city centre. Real cities have brick, metal, glass. You need only look at the images @Axcerious has posted above.

Subjectively, the fact that you have chosen for everything in the build to be plastic rather than exploring a variety of materials and/or decals, and trying to augment its realism, makes the whole thing look cheap. Instead of pure blue windows, use the glass material with dark marble behind it. To be a good builder, you need to think outside the box.

Generally, the place looks really abstract. On the second image, I’m confused what that small brown contraption is on the right. I also think it’s weird how the buildings have small, sporadic bricks of a highly strange colour. (e.g. The salmon-coloured building with bright red bricks). The exception to this, in my opinion, is your light pink building with white bricks. However, I would argue that making the bricks appear on the side of the building like this is sleeker and more realistic.


I am uncertain what these striped lines are on the edges of the pavement. I’m assuming it’s a cultural thing but I’ve never seen them before in real life. Why do they jut out from the pavement itself?

Anyway, I would recommend adding more detail to the pavements themselves. Right now, they are kind of just… silver bricks. That’s not what a pavement is. They should really be represented more realistically, made from several rounded bricks. Also consider the fact that road paint is necessary, i.e. double yellow lines at the edges of the road, white lines in the middle, zebra crossings. To give off a very realistic vibe, I would recommend curving the road ever so slightly and having drains in the edges.

Other advice

In terms of building, you already expressed that you don’t class yourself as being as highly proficient as others may be. In light of that, I would only recommend that upon starting a new project, you highlight at the start what you want to do. For me, it is always “I want to build the most realistic place I can.” This ambition has led my building style to improve drastically over two years. The people who always maintain the same building style and never seek to improve do just that… not improve. Consider building to be less about producing something and more about proving something: proving a new idea, a new theory, a new style of building to be of merit and work.

I hope I could be of some help. Good luck with your build and all future builds.


For some reason that last paragraph melted my heart.

What a great explanation of what building is to you, me and many more.


That melted your heart? I wouldn’t go that far lol. :sweat_smile:

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Same happened for me to.

Thank you for your suggestions :heart:.

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