Need knight ideas

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    I am making a game where you’re a dragon and defeat knights (which i already made a post about and the problem still hasn’t been solved)

  2. What is the issue? Include enough details if possible!
    I want more knight ideas

  3. What solutions have you thought of so far?
    Epic huge amazing hyper ultra brainstorming

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Here’s an image of my current knights

so yeah please send ideas for faster knights and slower knights.
Btw i’ll use them when my other problem is solved because it is a huge part of the gameplay.

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I don’t have many ideas, but gold knights can be faster.
Use any rusted textures for slower knights. Gives an older and… slower appearance.

yes gold knights are a good idea but i feel like they should have a speed between the normal and fast

A great idea that just popped into my head is shadow knights.
Imo, a good order would be:

  • Normal
  • Gold knights
  • Shadow knights
  • Lightning/Light knights

yes thank you for the ideas i will definetely use them

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maybe they can also have like a backstory/why they’re fighting, and it could affect the battling experience, like Vengeful knights will be more ruthless and may make brash moves in order to try to defeat the player, and its main attacks contain power/force fueled by their anger. Or there could be Wise knights, which use a variety of attacks while making the best attack from what range they are in, the environment, etc, so it could be more of a strategic fighting. There would be more of course but those are just examples. I don’t know if making these would be too complicated though.

Siege Knight, Scout Knight, Sheild Knight, Support Knight

Great idea but it’s definitely quite surnatural. See what Samux have in mind.

Athletic Knight, Shielded Knight, Buff Knight, Armored Knight. 4 CATERGORIES
You can mix these with the existing 3 knights so.
Athletic Heavy Knight, Shielded Light Knight, Buff Knight, Heavy Armored Knight.

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Good ideas i will add them soon

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Yes i will send a photo soon of when i’m done

Thanks everyone for the ideas! With all the suggestions, here are my new knights:

Now send Archer ideas