Need map ideas for my game

If you would like to know what my game is about, a previous post I made explaining it is here:

If you would like to test the game, it is currently on another account

The maps in the game all currently have some sort of obby / obstacle towards them. For example, on of the maps, Disappearing Platforms, has multiple platforms appear and disappear every few seconds, which keeps the players on the look out while fighting other players.

However, I have ran into a creative block and can not think of any more maps that would fit this criteria.

Quick run down of the maps:

Disappearing Platforms
Platforms appear and disappear every few seconds

Rising Lava
Players have to race to the top of a tower while lava is chasing them up

Rotating Obby
A circular shaped obby with a rotating killblock cross in the center

Tower Of Hell
Players fight in a tower of hell

Truss Tower
A truss tower players can climb and jump off of

Wall Pushers
Walls spawn at a random location and try to push the players off

Thankyou for reading!

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Hinged Nightmare, Spinning hell, Flood escape, Tordbot mode: must fight a robot that tord is using

Death Run

thas a list i could think of