Need map suggestions for a sword fighting type game

I need map suggestions for a sword fighting game. Any is fine.


the starting place is blocked by walls after passing through the walls there is a wasteland with destroyed land and maybe npcs roaming at wasteland

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You should have them fight at a airport, or inside a hangar.

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no that’s too futuristic I recommend medieval

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swords are better with medieval settings

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I have a few ideas of my own. You can make a neon theme battleground, You can make a boxing arena. A parkour battle in like buildings. You can make a desert theme. These are some suggestions. You can also look at other commenters around here. But if you like more details or even more ideas please reply back!


What’s wrong with having a futuristic map. I feel like both past and futuristic styles are good. But some people would like a more futuristic map. I personally prefer futuristic maps that are wacky and unique.


Variety of map selections - try basing them on real life locations or through games most of these sword fighting games you find will likely be based playing in a castle - city - abandoned areas - forest ect.

Visiting games will give you a bunch of general ideas to think of you will gather ideas and things to incorporate inside your game as for getting map suggestions, if you view locations there are variety of buildings based around medieval theme areas. I would highly advise you to always look at images to get the full idea on how you want your maps to make.

Gathering ideas here is good but it will be better to based them on something you will see in a bunch of sword fighting genre. (Common choices can be forest maps - medieval towns - facility)

well its my view on sword stuff

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Well, laser swords are better in sci-fi settings. It depends on what weapons are being used and the general theme of the game.