Need name ideas for a plane sim

I’m developing a game, but I’m struggling with the name. I’ve thinked a lot about it but i don’t find any name that i like.
The game consists of flying aircraft, you can fly planes and helicopters and you have to complete jobs like transporting cargo, doing airlines flights and doing military operations.

Does anyone has got ideas for the name? I would really appreciate it

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How about: Airport Flight Simulator?

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Jets. Flying men .PLANES. Eagles


Zoom Zoom Vroom Aircraft :joy:

(yea I have a bad imagination)


Planes. Its like the movie “Cars”, very straight forward.


Life in Air, Air Life, Task Flight. maybe sth from those?

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Wings? Plane Simulator? Plain Planes :joy:

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Air Life sounds great, thanks!

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Air Jet 774
Sc9p Fighter jet

Something like those

would be accurate of it was only about airport but it isnt

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For the game, not any specific planes.

Flight Force
Operation Flight


Aviation simulator or aviation simulation


Thoose names are great too, thanks!

Soaring Jets
Don’t make it sound generic
Too many plane sims I don’t think yours is any better :confused:

If you’re going to criticize someone’s concepts and game ideas, at least try to give them a way to improve rather then being rude and saying their game cannot be any better then other people’s games.

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I did. I say that his game is legitimately the same thing compared to other ones judging by idea and gameplay. So he’ll need a good name. I don’t think It’ll help giving difficult and technical suggestions.

No, you gave him one name and proceeded to criticize his work and efforts. That is not constructive criticism, rather it’s just being unhelpful and rude.
Also, being condescending in general, and specifically with words like “I don’t think It’ll help giving difficult and technical suggestions.” will get you nowhere in life and especially in a developing// studio// soical setting.

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There, you just spent a few minutes not getting anywhere.
I gave a name and I told him that the game is generic. It’s extremely difficult to make the actual game less generic, that’s why the name is important. Nobody is going to spend their whole entire morning writing a post, one suggestion might not be enough but it’s better than nothing.
People didn’t come here to feel good, they came to know what can be improved, which means what’s currently BAD.

Try naming a location in your game and using that in the title. For example the name “Bloxburg” itself has nothing to do with roleplaying, rather the in-game city.