Need of ideas for equipements of my game

Hello! I made a game ( Easter Eggs Hunt Simulator - Roblox ) and I made equipements who upgrade stats like :

  • Player Speed (Hats)
  • More rare eggs (Worlds)
  • A chance to get rarer egg by collecting them (Fortune Necklace)
  • More eggs stocks (Baskets)
  • A chance to double cash by selling eggs (Baskets)

I would like add a belt equipement in world 2 but I have no more ideas. Could you help me please?

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a cash shop where you can buy some cash with robux

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I would like ideas of upgrade players can get by equipping equipements. No robux shop.

you start the game,you are a new player, add title when you are new,here since 50 days,etc

i mean you can have a title like / You got a title because you joined the game today/

/ You got a title because you are here since 1 days/