(Need of suggestions) Galaxy Jetpack

Hey devs! I was hoping someone could help me with the texture on this jetpack I decided to make. I tried making it galaxy but don’t know if I should edit it in any way. I asked some friends for feedback but I still need more. Please give some suggestions! Thanks for your time :slightly_smiling_face: image
Oh also I need feedback on mesh shape lol


I can’t really see it because it’s all the same but from what I can see, it looks nice.

What is this supposed to mean? Please explain. Also thanks for feedback.

It’s all galaxy and It kind of just blends together so I’m not quite sure what’s going on. Might just be me.

Oh ok. So then should I make other parts different colors?

Yes, but if the concept is galaxy or whatever I reccommend keeping most of it as galaxy.

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As @Tyntx said, it kinda blends intogether a little too much.

Try making the rockets a little more space black color and the wings/pack purpley/pink instead for contrast.

Another thing, try utilizing the smooth and autosmooth in blender to make the jetpack more smooth in look. I can see the individual edges and vertices in the jetpack which kinda make me go a little crazy :sad:

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Well not most but don’t get rid of it all