Need play testers for game in development!

Hello! I’ve been working on a game that is similar to armored patrol for the past month and a half. I’ve been consistent with pushing out updates and am in need of play testers especially considering the scale of the game. I’ve seen a couple people ask on here with the community being very friendly in providing feedback! I’m the only scripter working on this project so finding people to help discover bugs or just give overall feedback about gameplay would be very much appreciated!

The models are very basic for now since the person who is working on the art/3D modeling of the game is busy so I’ve put some placeholders in to help test the mechanics while the artist is working on the assets.

Additionally, if you do decide to help out there is an in-game feature to report bugs or give feedback because I don’t think I can give my discord on here.

If you’re interested, here’s the link to the game, thank you very much!

Hi! I tried to type out some feedback in-game but I was worried that I was over the character limit so I’ll share here:

  • The button to spawn a plane wasn’t working in my base (I was blue team) but the button on the aircraft carrier worked just fine. I also wasn’t able to spawn a frigate but that could be because I had a different boat spawned nearby.
  • I was able to spawn a tank, but then I couldn’t figure out how to get inside, but that might be because I’m a dummy.
  • I loved the flight mechanics on the plane I spawned on the aircraft carrier and I was able to learn really quickly how to capture the flags.

Overall, I really like the game and I definitely got armored patrol vibes so great job! Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your feedback! The issue with the plane not spawning was because you were probably standing in the collision zone that checks to see if something is obstructing a respawn, I can add it to where it doesn’t collide with players so this is avoided in the future. The tank, I will admit, has bad ergonomics in terms of how you get into it, you have to enter through the vent sides, so I’ll make this a bit more obvious for the future! Thank you again for playing and giving your feedback!

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