Need Quest/badge system (badge)

I wanna make a quest that don’t really need to take the quest or something, at all I wanna make a quest that you need to do three things with remote event or something, someone can help me or give me example or something?.
(without all that, I just need to make badge system that if I do somethings I will get the badge)

– please ask if you didn’t understand something -.

Might work,:

-- These 2 Are just Quest Strings if you are using a UI
local QuestName
local QuestDesc

local ItemsNeed 
QuestSet = nil

function SetUpQuest()
QuestName = "Find the Boxes"
QuestDesc = "Find 3 Boxes"
ItemsNeed = 3
QuestSet = true

while QuestSet == true do
QuestFolder =  workspace.QuestFolder -- name of the Folder where the Quest will take Place

for _,Items in pairs(QuestFolder:GetChildren() do
if Items:IsA("Part") then
local hum = hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid")
if hum then
Items:Destroy() -- This may destroy the whole thing but test it.
ItemsNeed -= 1
if ItemsNeed == 0 then
QuestName = nil
QuestDesc = nil
QuestSet = nil
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I wanna do it, when the player joined the game he will get the quest automatic i dont think i need gui or something, I wanna its if possible to autosave the quest, I just need to make that if you touch two parts and have one badge/value whatever, then you will get the badge as reward.

local players = game:GetService(“Players”)

players.PlayerAdded:connect(function(plr) --triggers when a player joins
–Script here

add the badge and how I can add model/three parts to touch, and at the end the reward of the badge,