Need silly/cartoony game ideas!

Hello, I was wondering if you all could post some Silly/Cartoony styled game ideas, here are some examples of silly/cartoony games for reference: Ragdoll Universe, Fall Guys, Gang Beasts… or any game with sort of ragdoll physics.

Hey there Naps,
Heres a idea :happy3:

Ragdoll Minigames
Types of minigames depends on if the game is in 3rd/1st person yet I feel like having differnt minigames which manipulates various ragdoll mechanics will be fun. You can even expand this idea to include team tasks, duos and solos. An examples of a minigames, could be foot races/parkour, any spleef variant, sword fights, you get the idea lol.

Happy Developing!

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Sound quite like the game ‘Dropblox’.

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If it’s about rag-dolls it’s automatically funny! Btw your title says you need ideas but the rest says all the ideas you thought of, do you really need an idea? I’ve got a good one!

Oh, I just looked that up lol.
I guess it is similar, had no idea that existed.
Thanks :happy3:!

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Yes I do need a good idea! Whats yours?

Well I just gave the idea to @FrancoBritishAI

You guys could make it together or I can come up with a new game for you!

Here’s what I’ve already writen down about it: You have to tell a joke when it’s your turn and everyone rates it 1-10, if it’s lower than five, you explode, if it’s higher than five, you live… BUT! If you tell a joke that’s already been told then you explode!

What do you want to do?


Oooo thats actually a REALLY fun idea! Ill try to make it :laughing:

Ok, but can you work with FrancoBritishAI? I don’t want you fighting over who’s game it is.

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