Need some advice

Sorry if this post is in the wrong category.

So I have this game I started a few months ago. I’m a solo dev pretty much but one of my friends did design and help build a map a bit.

It’s been so long making the game with hardly any progress so I decided I want to just finish it up to a point where I can feel like I’m satisfied with what I made. It won’t get players and it will be pretty bad but I can feel like I accomplished something and be able to move on to a different project without dumping loads of more time into making a high quality game that will get players.

The only problem: My friend who helped make the map probably won’t be happy that I’m going to “Quit” (as I’m sure he will see my finishing up as). I haven’t told him yet. So I’m asking your advice on how to break it to him that the game he contributed too is not going to meet his expectations in the least bit.

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Say him what you really feel about it. Your game can be empty for a few months and then just pump up out of nowhere because of gameplay, map/game design. If you want to finish the game on what It is today, you have rights to do it. Anyways you can pause your development and rest for a little and after that continue developing the game with new ideas. I hope this gave you something new in your head :slight_smile: