Need some feedback on my church/castle

This is not done yet, the colours haven’t even been introduced yet, it wont look so bland in the future. Please give me your thoughts!

Thanks in advance.


Honestly, I don’t even think it needs colors, it looks fantastic like this! Keep up the great work! :star_struck:

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Why did you delete your last post? Or why are you making another?

Would look cool if you put stone textures on it.

Also is that mesh or brick?

I believe it was in the wrong category.

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Reminds me of an old Roblox building, you did a great job on this one.

Will be posting updates here and I really appreciate all your feedback, thank you!

Update 1: The crimson roof

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This is outstanding, what’re you planning to do with it?

Looks amazing! I love the details.

Nothing really, ive only been building in roblox studio for a couple weeks now so I am just experimenting with builds. I’ll probabally finish it, then furnish it, then make it into a display game

One thing that truly scares me about building is the small gaps that cant be covered with 1.25 and I’m starting to get worried is because I’m such a new builder I do not know how to deal with this. That aside, here is Update 2.

This shows more dimension to the build honestly making it look much better (in my opinion) please give your thoughts.