Need some feedback on my game

So I am currently creating a very high quality Backrooms game, and I just wanted to post picture of it to see if there is anything I can improve on or know about it, thanks!

Edit: Thanks for all the feedback and support! and as promised here are some more pictures of my up and coming backrooms game! Ill post some more pictures in the future on here on some future levels and changes!
Changed bloom for lights from 0.5 - 0.2 (not sure how i feel about this change but if you guys like it then ill keep it)
Changed carpet color to be darker
Added Chicken Sandwich

(Hall of doors area)

Changed the brightness as also requested


Looks good to me! I like the bloom around the lighting, it adds a nice eerie touch to the game. I don’t really have any other comments, but as development progresses, I’d be interested in seeing how everything turns out! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the feedback! I will be continuing progress as I like to record and upload my progress to document and motivate me to continue. Thank you!

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Would recommend to add more images of your creation.

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Looks pretty cool.

Maybe change the position of the lights to the center of the room instead of the edge of the room to make it seem more “liminal” or just normal, as I assume that’s what you’re going for. You could add some more intricate details like small shading or dirt on the wall or floor’s edges.

Screenshot 2023-05-24 224547

I particularly like the baseboards at the bottom of the walls, although, the floor doesn’t quite fit in with them.

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It looks really good, and I only want you to succeed in this build, so I’m going to give my honest opinion.

1st of all, the Carpet looks a bit bright compared to everything else, so I think it could be just a little darker so it doesn’t look to off.

2nd of all, I think they’re a bit too much bloom, on the lights.

Everything else looks really good, and the only thing’s I could really notice was the carpet and lights.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


I like it <3 lights so pretty!

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Thank you so much! ill add in some more images for you guys to check out

Thank you so much for the feedback! Ill edit my post in a bit with some other pictures with using your feedback, and thanks again!

Thank you for the feedback! Yea the lights are suppose to be kind of everywhere since i used some reference pictures and they looked like that, but they are lined up in order its just the walls aren’t lined up with it, if your interested ill take and put some more pictures up so you guys can take a look!

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Thanks for posting more images, your creation looks good so far!All though, I feel like the overall lighting (brightness) should be a bit more brighter.