Need some feedback regarding a timer


I need some feedback regarding a timer for a round-based system. I was thinking I could use 1/10 seconds and fire client every 1/10 seconds but I am worried it will affect performance/exhaust script/remote execution time. Do I have to worry about it or no?

So for example, if I did:

        for minutes = timerTime - 1, 0, -1 do
            for seconds = 59, 0, -1 do
                for tenthSeconds = 9, 0, -1 do
                    -- and then fire all clients here

would it cause any problems, either from the server or the client?

It won’t connect to each client 10 times per second. Many people have pings that are higher than that anyway. You’ll want to either do a second by second timer, or separate the fractions of seconds on each client by specifying a start time and length on the server, and have each client do the countdown locally.

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