Need some fresh eyes to evaluate my game

Hello! I’ve been creating a cart ride game for quite a while and I would like some feedback on it. I’ve been looking at it for so long now I have no idea if its actually good.

-Is the game intuative?
-Is the game actually interesting?
-Anything I should improve

You can answer all, some, or none of those questions above. I just would like some feedback!


I liked the UI and the POV feature. Every stage was unique to the previous which I found cool (Falling to the void is satisfying ngl). I think that the difficulty was just right, since it doesn’t take me too many tries to get through a stage.

I guess something that could be improved is having background music and images for Shop and POV button, but I enjoy the gameplay. Having cosmetics obtainable from wins/points might also be good for replayability unless that’s already in the game.

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I enjoyed playing, there are a few things though.

  • What purpose does the jump part serve to jump in and out of your cart?
  • I think instead of making the speed buttons on the cart, you could consider making them UIs which would make it easier to adjust the speed and more fun.
  • I felt like I really wanted to make it to the end so you did great on that!
  • I like how you can play with a friend by adding the extra cart attached to the first one.

The game is definitely special, I did not expect to play this when I saw the title considering the reputation of cart ride games. Good luck!

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