Need some help creating a strategy game like Hearts of Iron IV

Hey, I’ve been thinking about making a strategy game like Hearts of Iron IV, about the same topic (WW2). But the problem is that I have no clue where do I even start with anything. There has never been any proper tutorial that I could use for creating my game. I’d surely appreciate any tips, etc.

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Think about the foundational mechanics of the game and then start building from there, after comes refining the game more and then polishing it

So for example I took a look at the game and it looks to have a unique camera system so that could be starting point for you to work towards and then after that maybe the map

I haven’t thought about focusing about the foundation of the game because I’m mostly worried about how do I make the territories, troop movement, etc. I’ll probably start with the camera as you said. Appreciate it.

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Yeah just dont overwhelm yourself with everything, take a step back and just anaylze all the building blocks mechanics or mechanics that are needed for the game to actually even be playable, dont be distracted by the clutter