Need some help with a rock texture

I had the need for some rocks… but then I remembered an old rock mesh I could use, but first I need something.

All I really need is a retexture of this:

I need the material “Slate” on it at the color “Dark stone grey”. Anyone mind helping me out? I am not good with to do stuff like this…


I was hoping to get a base texture I could edit in for holes and stuff for coloring that would be a little bit harder to do with CSG. (Final product would be like ores from DarkOrbit, they have the main stone part and sections of color)

Edit: Ok. I figured out I could select the black stuff using the wand tool, and remove it from a slate square layer. I am happy with this:

Let me see the rock. I wanna see how it looks. :imagine:

Works good for me.

Now to work on the main version with the edited colors…

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