Need some help with PointLights

Hello, I’m making a simple showcase game that takes place inside a dark, gloomy house and need a way to make the player character emit light, however, I’ve been getting into problems with that, whenever I create any type of light, may it be “PointLight”, “SurfaceLight” or “SpotLight” it is always anchored and I am unable to unanchor it, may it be via script or via the UI in the studio app, any thoughts on how I can do this?

As shown by the image, the PointLight is anchored making it impossible for me to move, and it also spawns me outside of my testing box.

The anchor button’s color just indicates that when you last clicked it, it went from one color to the other. It doesn’t show you the state of the selected object.

PointLight doesn’t have anchor, or position.