Need some ideas for showcase games

I am a terrain editor and modeler.

I need some ideas for some showcase games! DM me on discord your ideas.


Buddy… how is this a cool creation? This should probably be moved to #discussion.
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I am still new to the forum, mb.

You can make a low poly showcase, it could be any type, a valley, a mountain, a field and etc. It all depends on your imagination!

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I’d suggest trying to use your knowledge of terrains, textures, and modeling to try and replicate something you find inspiring in the real world, or something you think you can replicate the best/with most detail.

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make a space station orbiting the sun, you could use a gravity controller to make one of those donut shaped parts of space stations, which are artificial gravity stations (a hollow cillinder where you can just walk on the roof, walls, etc, basically everything is a floor