Need some map advice

So I’ve been developing a battlegrounds type game for a month now, and I have a map that I’ve put a decent amount of work into:

My issue is that I don’t really like it. I’m not a good builder so I feel like it’s lacking in a lot of things. It’s not finished, but the parts that are completed aren’t that great. Also, I’m not sure how vertical the map should be. Usually fighting games are mostly flat, and as you can see my map has quite a lot of verticality which I feel would negatively affect gameplay. But at the same time I feel like the verticality adds some character to the map. I’m a bit divided on how I should continue with the map, or if I should just start over.

I’m also not sure on whether or not its too big or small

I also made a testing place if you want to look at it closer.

TLDR; I’m just looking for general critiques or advice on map design.


I checked it out, and it’s great! Even on my potato laptop, it ran very smoothly with almost no lag.

I think the main issue here is the lack of an overall theme and consistency. The hill, cliffs, and trees have a low-poly tycoon style, while the details on top of them and the hand-mountain are heavily detailed. Although it’s still cool, it lacks consistency. I’d try to find a balance between the simplistic and detailed styles.

As for map size concerns, I think it’s a very good size to start with. I think the vertical size is alright, since it’s good to have certain heightened areas.

Here are my main suggestions:
[-] Keep a more consistent style between detailed and low-poly
[-] One the ideal style is found, adjust lighting to match it
[-] Have certain heightened areas, as well as lower areas. I’d recommend making the hand-mountain (if you keep it) layered in tiers, so players can make their way up it into possibly another small area- Players will likely want places to explore as well as places to fight

Overall, I think it’s a very good start! The parts that are done are still well constructed, and it has some great potential :]


Thank you for the advice, and now that you mention it, the mix of low poly and high detail does look pretty weird.

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