Need some more feedback on my game

Hello yall I’ve been working on a Turn-Based RPG and I’m looking for some more feedback on the current state of the game it’s still a W.I.P, but yeah would like some feedback and thoughts :slight_smile:

A quick tutorial/what to do for anyone that does check it out so you aren’t confused

  • You can click on the castle to enter battle
  • You can walk into the tavern and click on the bartender to open the shop also you can buy the blacksmith under upgrade. The blacksmith lets you buy weapons and armor.
  • When in battle make click on one of the abilities in the top left corner (they don’t do anything so it doesn’t matter which one you pick) and then click on an enemy to target.
  • Click on the gear icon to open settings and when in battle you can use this to flee by clicking on “Exit Dungeon”

Game Link
By the way the UI and buildings aren’t great I know some of the UI is a bit rushed, but it’s the best I can do atm.

p.s: I recently added a in-game feedback system if you go into settings and it should work so feel free to use that as well!

Nice! The gameplay is well designed and scripted.

Good job. Keep it up. I went into battle and I was attacked, but I couldn’t fight back. The gui’s worked,
maybe close the open gui when another one is clicked. Otherwise well done.

Alright, I like the concept. I think the building looks pretty good. Just some suggestions though; the counter in the “house” is made of a rust, I think it’ll look better with something other than rust but that is your choosing. I get that the UI is also being worked on and you just quickly rushed it together but if It’s going to look kind of similar to that, I would recommend changing it so it would be cleaner.

Overall, It’s really good. Nice job so far

The counter can be customized actually it just starts off as rusty the tavern is supposed to start off looking poor/not nice. When you click on the shop guy go to customization and then counter and you can change it. Other than that yeah I plan to clean the UI up a eventually thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:

Oooh I just checked out what the issue was and that’s completely my fault smh I had a typo LOL that’s annoying.

The building is extremely basic. It needs much more attention.

Quite honestly, you are very far away from a playble game. I’d guess that it’ll take a year for your game to be completed.
It’s empty, UI and building needs work. The battles are completely unbalanced and I clicked “Strike” while it gave me a “Ready” display. I waited while the 3 enemies attacked me leaving me on about 10 HP until I was finally able to attack. I dealt about 10hp and died instantly. There’s no way to win that I can see and I had to disable the chat just to be able to fight back.

Yeah I gave up on the castle after realizing I just didn’t have the building skills to do it and make it look decent. :sweat_smile: and yeah the battles are sometimes unbalanced if you get 3 or 4 enemies (the amount is random) I should probably make it spawn a max of 2-3 at lower levels or if you’re alone and make the player a bit stronger. Anyways thanks a lot I’ll make sure to improve this stuff when I get the chance.

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