Need some thoughts on my Modern interior

Hi, I am somewhat new to building in Roblox studios and I made this interior for a modern 1 story house and I need some thoughts or feedback on this project of mine. I’m trying to assemble a portfolio so I can work as a builder and hopefully get hired.


It looks really nice, but the shading errors and use of flat shading really does ruin it. Plus, there should be more use of materials, whether they be the default Roblox ones or custom ones. Either way, everything looks nice, and the way you configured the lighting is very nice, along with the rays.


Very much agreed, great work with the lighting but it’s lacking in props/details and definitely gonna need some smooth shading for your meshes. The faces stand out too much with the new lighting engine.

Thanks for the advice, I could smooth out the models to get rid of flat shading. I could probably fix the shading errors by tinkering with the lights. Finding the right textures is hard for me since I’m not sure how to create my own textures of find the right set of textures.

Thanks, I was going to add some more smaller details after I finished the bigger stuff.

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