Need some tips with building

Heya, I’ve been on the Roblox platform for sometime now and have been wanting to expand my skills for a while now, any tips/resources/anything would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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Use reference images.
Saved my life.


Most useful plugins for building stuff would be ~

Building Tools by F3X (By GigsD4X)

  • This can help you with rotation and proper placing of models and parts, it’s basically just a modified version of Roblox’s building tools
  • You can
    1.) resize models like meshes (meaning all parts in that model will be affected, if you stretch, all parts in that model stretch),
    2.) rotate parts with different orientations without having to worry about it facing the wrong way,
    3.) apply welds, effects, textures to parts,
    and so much more!

Stravant’s plugins

  • This isn’t really just one plugin, it’s loads. But all of them have their purposes. Just search up in the tool box ‘Stravant’ without the apostrophes, and you’ll find many plugins for all building needs.

Part to Terrain (By mkargus)

  • This plugin switches parts you put in into terrain! This is great for making simple mountains or decent scenery or skipping time in making said terrain
  • All terrain materials are here, like Grass, Leafy Grass, Lava, Water, Mud, Ground, etc.
  • Just put a part/s, open up the plugin, select the material you want it to replace, and then just click on the part you want to change.

Brushtool 2.1 (By XAXA)

  • This helps in randomizing debri, trees, or other stuff you might duplicate and scatter all across the map.
  • This is great for duplicating multiple clones of the same model/part onto the map, this saves time spent multiplying loads of parts, and helps you multiply several things at once!

That's all I can supply for plugins that might help you in building, but I highly recommend experimenting and testing different techniques. Like what madpossibleby said, use reference images and hone your skills in building and creating.

I also recommend trying out Blender to make your own meshes and assets.