Need someone to model + script advanced weapons [CLOSED]

Hello, I am looking for someone to build and script an advanced combat system for a few weapons. All of these weapons will be based in Feudal Japan (1185-1868). I would like to try to get weapons that have somewhat of a skill gap to them and mimic realism. They will be the backbone of what we’re trying to create.

Here are a list of weapons we’re looking to have developed. Not everything is required, but genuinely this is what we’ve considered and would like. You can do one weapon, or even all of them and we’ll pay individually for each weapon.


  • Katana (Necessary.)
  • Wakizashi (Shorter Katana)
  • Spear (Known as a Yari.)
  • Naginata (Shorter spear, more damage.)


  • Bow (Known as a Yumi) (Bullet drop.)
  • Musket (Known as a Tanegashima.) (Bullet drop.)

Our budget is 8-15k Robux in total. If you’re interested in working with us, please contact me on Discord.

Discord: ryantactics#1103

so you need a modeler not a builder pls change that

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wasup im interested in this im about to send you a friend req in discord

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I’m interested but I don’t know how to script very well, Would you be willing to divide the robux amongst the scripter and modeler?

i dont know how to scripts either

me to Goldy i have no idea how to script or how they even work lol

I can model the weapons for you, I added you on discord. Here’s my portfolio: [FOR HIRE] PICKSL1234's Modeling portfolio

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