Need someone to take over my game for a little while and need it done before October (read desc to understand why)

My gpu died so I am looking for someone to continue the project of my game if you want the details of my game then please message me on discord at Attacky#0213.
I did not want to have to stop my project so soon but my computer can even run studios that well. And my project needs to be worked on for a while and this is a dream project that I want someone who cares about making Roblox games to make it into any style they want.

Sounds kinda fishy, looking for someone to work on your own game might be a scam in both sides, the Worker can easly steal all the stuff, or you can do a silent move and remove the worker’s access for your advantage, However i can be wrong, also i m not here for applying…

hmm do I need to show you proof of it and they would be in my game with me if my computer can handle it.

you already said your gpu dead, sounds more fishy…
and shorts posts are the reason that makes things suspecious.

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I agree with @ArdominB. If you lend that player full access to your game, they can easily steal all of your work, and you can prove actions from the user who had access to your game.

Hmm I see no one believes me and I would like to see people work with me, I might ask for my friend to do it but since no one believes me and seems like you need to see it to believe it. this is my cpu which is running everything now. (This is with no games or high performance things on.

I don’t think you can send images or see images in your laptop? :confused: Very weird I don’t trust this.

This includes you can’t see windows icon or anything. I not going to be rude or come off disrespectful but I think you maybe you should cancell the project :smiley: @AttackyDaBuilder Also you may be lying about the GPU thing because you showed half the image. I may be incorrect about this if so please show fill image! Here’s a example
My image:

Your image: image

let me get the program booted up (because my talking make no sense I type fast).

What do you mean by that? “It took 2 time to make it”

proof is sent please dont think I am a liar I am just offended when people think I lie as I think people just judge me through a computer screen (if you know anything about computers you can make it smaller so it can run in the background which I did and also another thing when your gpu stops running it stops being read by the computer).

And no I am not on a laptop everyone thinks that and you can very easily take screenshots on a computer (why howtogeek though). Look up snipping tool.

Buddy no need to be upset at me! You send proof and stuff now I understand now I sorry judging you I just protecting the others here just in case any funny business going on just calm down but still I don’t think it’s a good idea letting someone have control of your game. ( Even though that its fishy that you want someone to have ownership of the game ) :slight_smile:

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I will explain that I tried to work with others but they said I was ‘fishy’ but I am just looking for someone who is trustworthy to work with and I wrote it on a google doc and give them view only, its just a document, no actual work that anyone can steal misconception.

Dude… This is your game that you are putting in risk not me when someone giving you advise like REAL ADVISE don’t get upset at them when your the one who “Need someone to take over my game” quote so uh this is your game also I just saying this so we can help you an why we think this shouldn’t be a valid idea. I just going to leave so bye now :smiley:

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