Need Suggestions on Improving UI

I made a gui, and I think it is good, but missing some things to make it better. I would love feedback to improve.

First Version

Current Version

( Empty frame in the middle is menus that will appear when clicking the buttons on the top. )

I can tell this UI can be improved. I just need to know ways to improve it.

Made completely in studio. Uses UIGridLayout in most cases.


Can I have some feedback to improve on this UI?

Maybe try changing some colors instead of a mostly gray theme.

I have changed it to a more blue theme, and rounded some corners. I also modified the looks of some UI elements.

In my opinion, this updated version looks way better than the first version.


Yeah, it looks better than the first one, nice.

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I have improved it a bit more.

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try to remove all the gradients and make the buttons pop out more ( by making them lighter )? remove the ui stroke on some of them also and add images to the button items things if your able to

Edit - maybe something like this??