Need Terrain Feedback

I am looking to use this terrain and create a large bridge that brings the player to another island where there will be a large Edo Period/Samurai era province with a military station behind it.

Think of it like “City of Boston” but an entirely different era.

Note: The goal was a dark and grim look.
View it all here: early work in progress - Roblox


When I look at the river, it looks a bit too clean like a canal. Maybe make it a bit more rough. Otherwise looks great!

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Okay thank you. I will try to make it darker.

Well what I meant was that the banks are a bit too smooth, I’m saying make the terrain holding the water more rough. And also making the water darker helps also

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Okay thank you for clarifying. I will get to work on that.

I’d say adding some more rocky parts to the banks and making them less smooth would be a good first thing you could do. Also, your terrain on the whole looks pretty flat, so you could try to make some parts of your environment on a slight incline or decline, or just some small hills or ditches will do the trick.

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Okay I’ve gone back and some more hills throughout the paths and got rid of some of that flatness. Thank you. Going to work on those rocks next.

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I think you nailed the atmosphere here, and the terrain looks great. Keep it up!

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Awesome, thank you. I hope to start the city soon.