Need tier list names

So currently I’m making a trading economy for my game. I need more tiers though for more expensive items in game.

For example, I have common, uncommon, rare and epic so far. Any other suggestions would help me a lot!

Legendary, very rare. That’s all i can think of lol

Mythicals should be the rarest tier in the game :smiley:

Nah not mythicals, Ultra Mythicals

Get Beasted :wink:

Commons, Rares, Legendary, Godly, Ultra Rare, Epic

In order of least to greatest:

Common (Light Gray)
Uncommon (Light Green)
Rare (Light Blue)
Very Rare (Dark Blue)
Highly Sought (Violet)
Extremely Rare (Very Dark Purple)
Legendary (Red)
Ultimate (Light Orange)
Extremely Coveted (Scarlet)
Priceless (Dark Orange)


When I can’t think of anything, I just use letters. In order from least to greatest:

  1. C
  2. B
  3. A
  4. S
  5. SS
  6. SSS
  7. EX

You can always include some more letters above or below. Sometimes your bottom tier items will be B, or maybe you want them to extend out to D. Maybe something between the S tiers or above EX may tickle your fancy. They’re quick, easy to understand and easy to modify without any thinking.

If you’re following the more common form of rarities or tiers that most players are familiar with, you’d probably be okay there. You can tell that these are virtually universal because of how many times they’ve been posted above. You probably don’t need to think too hard about rarity names.

  1. Common
  2. Uncommon
  3. Rare (and any prefix: super, super super, very, ultra, …)
  4. Epic
  5. Legendary

This, aside from Epic and Legendary, outlines a fairly basic rarity list. You can also add your own tiers to the list, like Godly or Mythical. The idea is not really the word you’re using but that you want to make the word sound more powerful than the last one, thus implying higher rarity.

You can even use other games for reference. Other game examples just from a Google search:

  • Fortnite: There, according to what I’ve searched, exists a tier below Common called “Handmade”. This is only for a specific game mode, but the sound of “Handmade” items being below “Common” gives it the appropriate feeling of being lower tier.

  • Magic: The Gathering: Uses the well-renown Common, Uncommon and Rare, but no Legendary. Extra rarities are Special and Mythic Rare. Two other types, though with specific details behind them, are Timeshifted and Masterpiece.

  • Merchant RPG: Same as the above in Common, Uncommon and Rare. Adds Epic, Legendary and Relic tiers, which are fairly in line with the game’s theme.

Speaking of game theme, you may want to think about the theme of your game while creating item tier names. Maybe you’ll be able to think of tiers better if they fit in line with the theme of your game, besides generics. Removing some (e.g. Legendary) may also be worth thinking about. Furthermore, you certainly don’t need a very large tier list, just enough to allow players to feel accomplished. The post above mine, “Priceless”, is a pretty good thematic tier name for a trading game.

Lastly, some articles such as Color-Coded Item Tiers on TVTropes can help identify other examples that you may want to look out for or get a sense of how other works order their tiers.