Need two maps (25kR$ each)

I’m working on a summer update for my game, Speedy Hunt and I need two maps. One needs to be summer themed (a beach or park or something) and another needs to be Europe themed (maybe like a castle?) You will get 25,000 ROBUX for making it and credit in the game.

These maps have to have good hiding spots for items to go, maybe 10 or 15 good spots that are sneakily hidden, but can be found in less than three minutes. The only sizing request I have is that it is larger than 200x200 and smaller than 550x550.

Now I’m only looking for two builders- or one that can build two maps. The payment will come when the maps are done, and the price is before the 30% tax. If you are interested, send me a PM on ROBLOX or on RBXDev; tell me what you want to make and give me some samples of your work. I need these done by July 1 (sorry for such a short notice, I’ll explain why it has to be by that time if you do a map for me)

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