Needed help to make battleship system

Hello! I am currently working on a naval battle game right now and I am wanting to create a battleship system such as turrets, torpedoes, and ship momentum like the ones in World of Warships for example. But so far, I have not found any posts about what I’m looking for in the Devfourm nor any YouTube videos as I’m writing this. So any tiny bit help or tips of what I should do are really appreciated!

First create a boat system, then add a turret system to it. If you are bad at scripting I suggest to first find out how to make a boat, with a VehicleSeat and then how to make a tank with a VehicleSeat as well, then delete all movement parts of the tank and only keep the turret system left and there you have it.
A ship which moves and has turrets.

Videos for reference, quick note the 2nd video has multiple parts the first few parts arent that important for the turret system, but are to understanding the script.

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