Needing help for current project [HUGE]

I’ll give a brief overview of the game.
Basicly a very diverse version of the popular ‘Call of Duty: ZOMBIES’, that’s the closest way I could put it as. We however are having game modes, 1, 4, or 8 player servers, and our own map and game system. The game will run off of a game universe that’s hooked the the game hub, here’s an image of the hub:

Over the past year and a half or so I’ve been working on maps, I’m sure oyu guys may have seen early WIP’s of them, here’s an album of 4 of them.

Currently it’s been just myself and two others assisting on the project, but they have their own projects they are finishing and the project is becoming so large scale that we need some extra helping hands to assist in finishing it. What we hope to achieve is one of the biggest game universe games to hit Roblox, we even have plans for players to make “mods” for the game and upload them so there’s an infinite amount of maps and game modes to play with people. We are looking for looking for the following:

  • Someone able to create game UI’s (and/or) code it for the game hub.

  • Coders to help us finish a few game features to the existing scripts

If you’re interested in helping us with this project please feel free to comment bellow any questions/ideas/concerns you may have. You can also add me on Skype: Heatro11 or contact me via Roblox @TrustMeImRussian
If you’re wondering what the pay is, that’ll depend on the amount of work you do, I’ve paid out several hundred thousand to devs already so don’t worry, you won’t be ripped off :P. There’s no real deadlines but we’d like to release by early 2016. We plan on revolutionizing the Roblox game community with the high quality maps and scripts in the game, please consider the offer. This only scraped on what we’ve managed/completed thus far, we’re so close but just need a little more help finishing. Thank you.

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