Needing someone who can design logos for games

About Us

I am ItsRyanJambe and I am the owner of Jambe Games. I have produced several games and up until this point I have been relying on my very basic skills to make logos. It’s time to get something a bit prettier!

About The Job

I am looking for someone to design a logo for my most popular game, Elimination Tower, and a new game I am working on as well. If you do a good job, I will continue to use you going forward for new games I create.

Also, if you are good with GFX for game thumbnails/images that would be a great bonus!


Offering 2000 Robux per logo - happy to negotiate if necessary.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum, Twitter or even Discord at:

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hello! I played “Elimination Tower” and had a very good time at it (it’s quite stressing that you need to see the cutscene every time a new match starts btw)

Anyway; I would love to help you at this project. I haven’t made a lot of logos yet; but I have almost 4 years of experience at Photoshop and I’m probably able to do whatever you want!

(My portfolio is about 2D drawings, but I’m planning in turning it into a Logo Designer portfolio soon)

Hope to work with you very soon,

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I would like to do it if you haven’t found anyone yet. My portfolio:| Experienced graphics designer | [CLOSED]

Hello! I’m Ink!#8185 on Discord and I have shot you a friend request. :smile:

My portfolio is right here! Juno | GFX Artist/Designer

I can help you! I will dm you on discord.

Hello! My Discord is Pixfui#9528. Here is my portfolio, [COMMISSIONS OPEN] Experienced GFX Artist And Animator!. Hope to talk with you soon!

Hey! I’m interested. I’ve sent a request. I’m fin;#4521.

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