Negating a part and cutting out a mesh?

So I want to make a stump type thing using unioning and a mesh. Now, I know that you can’t union meshes, so that’s why I came here.

A picture to help you understand:

How should I do this?

Blender (and I’m sure other 3D programs) has a modifier called Boolean that is essentially negating but for meshes:

Of course, if this is now what you mean, please clarify in the first post using the edit tool, and i’ll edit my response accordingly, or allow others to correct me :slight_smile:


It’d probably be easier and cause less lag just to use blender here’s a good video on how to make stumps.

Are there any other options than blender? Just wondering.

I mean you can use sketch up but blender is your best option I understand it is very hard to use it but if you use YouTube it should go quicker. Blender is used by thousands of professionals for 3D modeling, animations, etc. Best of luck, John.