Negative amount of posts created

A DevEngagementTeam account has -1 posts created

I tried refreshing the page, logging out, and use a different device but it didn’t change.

Link to account: Profile - infamous_eddy - DevForum | Roblox

I’m not sure what other description I can provide. I don’t even know if this is a bug or if it is just me.


This is most likely just an error, they possibly may have created a post in the past and deleted it to quick for the website to process, then it changed it by -1 even though the post was not counted to their stat’s yet.


Thanks for flagging this, we will take a look!

Seems like it has been fixed.

At least from what I can see in this account.

Not really sure if this is a bug on my end, and if only this account had it. I’m also not sure if you have fully solved the problem, but I will mark this as the solution.

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I’ve seen multiple occasions of times where users have their only posts removed, which leads to showing negative posts created.
Very common bug, in this case it was just manually patched.

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DET Member @HakaiShin_AOD has this glitch as well.

You should probably fix his as well.

Does it really matter if someone has negative posts? I don’t think it’s a good use of time for staff to fix every negative post count.


its just editing a value. if your gonna come up with “they need to focus on other stuff” again then im not sure how they focus


This is pointless to put time into. Discourse re-calculates statistics from source data every week anyway.

Seems like base Discourse has some issues where negative post count can occur. They’ll probably get auto-fixed over time as they are reported to Discourse.