Negative reflectance DOESN'T WORK! help

when i change reflectance to negative number nothing happens
with negative reflectance
without negative reflectance

What are you trying to achieve here?


i am trying to add negative reflectance to part, i remember it worked before

Yeah, but why? What did it do before? If it did something crazy, chances are Roblox deployed a bugfix.

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wait it works on old places, i dont need help anymore

Can you show us what this looks like? I don’t remember negative reflectance ever working. If you rely on ‘old places’ that make it work, most likely it will be fixed if you publish the game or something random like that. I do know that reflectance over 1 gives some cool effects, is that what you meant to try?


Negative reflectance does work.

I think reflection only works on specific materials. Try Smooth plastic instead.

Can you show us what this looks like?

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Nevermind, it looks like Roblox removed it.

I visited an old map of mine that used it for mirrors, and the effect isn’t there anymore.
I’m not ENTIRELY sure what it did, but I think the reflection brightness would be inverted(?)

My cyberpunk themed skatepark was based around this effect. The negative reflectance has neon properties while still being plastic. These are some images I have of the effect when it was still working

Here’s how it looks now:

Everything is significantly darker, although I can’t really be upset as it was bound to be fixed anyways.


It used to make the reflection of it inverted, and was REALLY useful

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they removed it :confused:
roblox don’t want the best for their platform

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i know, right? like whenever there’s something cool roblox removes it and whenever there’s something not good roblox keeps it!