Neighborhood Build Feedback

Hi, I’ve been working on a neighborhood/town square and wanted to look for some feedback to clean the map up a bit. If you notice any half built roads or buildings, those are just the parts I haven’t got around to make yet.


It looks really awesome, especially the houses, and companies. What is this game for, that is my main question?

Thank you :slight_smile: at the moment i’m only building, though I do want to make this into a city-like game where you can really interact with everything.

Oh! I am also making a city game but things will be functional, like a sports hall that I have talked about. We should move this to messages, though.

Sounds great, good luck with your game! :+1:

Nice build! I love the cartoony feel of it and the low poly assets make it look even better! I wish you luck with your game!

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This is pretty nice, but there are a couple issues.

The first picture looks weird due to the sides being quite empty. The terrain looks empty because of how small the trees are. You could solve this by making the trees bigger or making the grass on the side smaller. You could also add grass sticking out of the ground.

The issue in the first picture also occurs in the second one. The grass part and the road looks empty. You can use the same solutions as above for the grass, and you could add some more lines and stuff to the road.

Besides these issues, this is a really nice build. I love the aesthetic of this. Nice job!

I really like the theme of your build. The perfect match of colors its great overall. :+1:

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Definitely agree. The trees are just placeholders while I get the outline of everything done but I did notice that the environment was off and I’ll fix that. :ok_hand:

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Wow that looks amazing! This is a great roleplay or cutscene neighborhood!

Thanks! A lot of thought was put into the build.

It looks really nice! For some reason, it reminds me of the maps for those “power simulator” games haha.

I can see the connection! Also, thanks for the compliment. :happy1:

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