Neon does not render the bloom effect on MeshPart in all cases

I’ve found that MeshParts will not render the bloom effect from the Neon material. Oddly, this issue only occurs when the MeshParts are the only neon items in the viewport. Introducing any other part that has the Neon material will cause MeshParts to render their bloom, similarly to the old texture issue.

Reproduction: NeonRepro.rbxl (17.6 KB)


I’ve noticed that at different camera angles the neon doesn’t display.
Edit: Maybe as you say that’s because it only occurs when meshparts are the only object in view.

Can you upload this as a repro place file to help the engineers fix the problem?

I’ve edited my post to include one.

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I’ve noticed this issue aswell.
Not sure if it’s the same ingame tho, might be only in studio?

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I am also experiencing this bug and it looks like it is based on if Neon MeshParts are the only object in sight - if there’s a normal neon part the neon renders as normal.