Neon Effect Blender Doesn't Work


Hi everyone, so I’m using this video to make a glowing effect in blender 2.8 using Cycles. So I’m working on the glow effect and I’ve follow their steps verbatim and even tried rendering it but nothing seems to work I always get a flat colored non-glowing part.

My Composite

The Part (BROKEN)

Edit: It’s for a Roblox GFX there for it’s technically allowed.

Art Design Support doesn’t necessarily have to do with Roblox, and problems regarding modelling, drawing, etc. can be posted here. Please read the rules carefully before assuming things.

@ProvenData As for your problem, make sure to turn on the “Bloom” effect, cycles doesn’t support bloom, so use Eevee:

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I’m running Cycles and it doesn’t have bloom and that’s why I gotta use Composite. But the composite in the video I used didn’t work.

I will say that just because it’s a render of Roblox rigs, it’s a render made in blender, so you’d find much better help on blender-specific support forums and places. It’s allowed here, it’s just not the best place to ask.

Anyways onto your question, I know Principled BSDF has an Emission setting, and there’s an Emission node that if I remember correctly can also add that glowy effect that should work on Cycles. I haven’t played around with it in a while though, so it could have changed, or I’m mistaking it for something else :sweat_smile:

I’d search more places other than the Roblox dev forum if nobody answers your question. Hope this helps! :sunglasses: