Neon effect doesn't seem to look normal

Hi, recently after playing around in studio I found that neon hasn’t been working as normal. I am trying to achieve the normal ‘glow’ effect to but it has only worked in different places. Please also note this applies to every neon thing in this specific game. This is what it looks like without a glow: Reminder that the sun is effecting why the white is bright.

This is what it looks like WITH a glow: workingglow
I’m sure it isn’t since there is some transparency to it because it has worked before with transparency as well. When I changed it to voxel lighting this happened but the other picture has voxel lighting and it still has a glow.
It still might have to do with lighting, I’m just not sure. I would love to know how to fix it and why this might be happening?

Link to the game where it doesn’t glow: Apple Picking Simulator 🍎 - Roblox


Are your graphics in studio lowered? The “glow” effect isn’t very visible (if visible at all) on lower graphic levels.


Nope. They were the same for both photos taken.

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The glow depends on the color of the neon brick.

As seen below (these are all neon).


While this is true, it doesn’t apply here. In the first image the bricks are white, and white neon bricks, have an extremely noticeable glow, in the picture they don’t.


Could this be related to: Deprecating Lighting.Legacy, Introducing Lighting.Compatibility?


I don’t think so? It’s been working for the other game just not this one. Both have voxel.

This is because of the transparent parts that are covering the neon parts. The neon glow shows in transparent parts if the part’s transparency is >=.62.(I know that sounds weird but it is true :upside_down_face:) The glow effect gets more noticeable the closer you get to 1, obviously.
As you can see in this picture the glass has a .5 transparency and it is Smooth Plastic. The glow effect is completely taken away. I am not entirely sure if this applies to your first picture, but the 2nd picture it looks like there is an transparency part between the camera and the neon brick. Terribly sorry if this was no help to you at all, lol.


Hey! Thanks so much for your help. The only problem though is that both parts are neon and the white lines are sticking out of the transparent block as well. The photo where there is a glow I was further than I was for both photos without the glow. Thanks for looking into it though!

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I don’t believe there is a specific cut off point anymore since Roblox converted to a HDR rendering system. The bloom only appears when something is too bright to display normally - the transparent part would reduce the brightness of the neon and therefore after a certain amount of dimming it would get rid of the bloom completely. The level of dimming required to do that will change based on the brightness of the neon, the transparency of the part and lighting conditions.


Are you using Technology.Voxel? In Voxel, the intensity of the glow on neon parts is tied to the intensity of the bloom effect.

If you have a bloom object, make sure the intensity isn’t too low or else you won’t see the glow very well.

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I am using voxel and when I even turned the bloom up to the maximum, it still didn’t change the glow effect of the neon.

Not sure what you mean here, could you please explain what I should do? Turning up the bloom didn’t seem to help.

Here’s a tip that I use. Go to the colour slider and if you make the object brighter its glow will increase too, lower it and it won’t glow. And smooth plastic on top of neon takes away that glow.
Hope this helps!

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Ohh, I see what you mean. That’s cool! Thanks for the tip.

For the OP’s situation, are these parts using a Mesh? The glow effect only works on regular parts as far as I know.

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Could you provide us with the game file so we can interact? This isn’t a bug, just the way Roblox is.

Sure thing! Apple Picking Simulator 🍎 - Roblox

Is the threshold of the bloom object set above 1.5? That could be why it’s not glowing. I usually set it to 1.35.

Bloom didn’t do anything even when I turned it up and down.