Neon Gradient Transparency on Mesh. Vertex Painting

I want to make a Neon material mesh, that has a gradient of color and transparency.
I have not been able to find a method to do so, as it either lacked the glow (Texture) or it just can’t be gradiently transparent.
I want to achieve something like this. How would I go on to make something like this?

I haven’t seen a solution on the DevForum or anywhere else.
I tried vertex painting, that seemed to get me gradient colors, but not transparency. I tried mesh texture and that resulted in having no glow but both transparency and gradient colors. I want it to have transparency gradient, color gradients and lastly glow. Help would be needed.

Thats how this mesh looks?
13668151286.obj (1.1 MB)

Yeah that’s how it looks when I exported it as OBJ. But I think it should be exported FBX if we want to see it’s vertex paints. I have no idea how we can get it to be transparent like that.
Edit: I say it should become FBX, because Vertex Paint can only be from FBX files and not OBJ. I achieved gradient neon from exporting a vertex painted Object as FBX in blender.