Neon Material does not render on the website

The neon material doesn’t render on the website.


First of is it a color or texture?

Or something else.

Forget what I just said I understand what you’re saying now, well tbh I think it has to do with it being a new update and all it’s not going to exactly show up correctly on the model when uploaded just yet I think it’s a website bug more then a client bug.

It appears to work on one image, but not the full scale thumbnail, which I use to showcase the map while maps are being voted on.

(I’ll edit with a screenshot in-game to show that too)


Read my edit.

Here’s what it looks like

This makes sense based on my knowledge of the implementation. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll send an e-mail to the guy.

Can you guys give me the asset id of that thing?


Neither the Electrum nor Aether glow as they should.

It does not show the maximum amount of graphics is my guess, cause when you save an object or place to ROBLOX i’m pretty sure the graphics won’t stay on 10 when saved.

This happened with my place too.

So does it mean that Neon does not render at all? Or are the parts there but just not glowing?

[quote] So does it mean that Neon does not render at all? Or are the parts there but just not glowing? [/quote]Since they are transparent in images, I assume they don’t render at all, removing everything they were occluding.

I want to bring this up again as it still has not been fixed.

Model uploaded to the website:

Image endpoint:
As you can see, the neon is missing from the endpoint. It also does not show up on the website: AJ - Roblox

Why it should be fixed (use cases):

  1. So users actually know what the asset looks like (in case they’re looking for free models)
  2. The image endpoint is ideal for generating images for assets you sell in-game. This is because the background is transparent. Otherwise you would have to make pesky edits after taking a screenshot of your asset.

Interestingly enough the previews when uploading assets from studio to the website does render neon in some form:


this is still a problem. the only way to really “work around” it is to use a bright color and smooth plastic, but it just doesn’t get it completely right. reposting this because someone, for some reason, flagged my last bump and got it removed.

I can confirm that I am still having issues with this, why hasn’t this been fixed?? it has been, what… 8 and a half years?

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just curious, how’d you encounter this bug? (asking you too @nuttolum) each time i upload a model with neon it renders correctly for me

i have a tool with 2 parts, 1 smooth plastic and 1 neon. smooth plastic part rendered fine but the other did not. i uploaded using a thumbnail camera as well btw

did it work while uploading it in studio? like did the viewport show it

it worked for me:


ah wait nevermind, it isn’t visible on the website, weird


i encountered this bug by going to my models and finding out that literally all my neon builds are dark.

for example:

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