Neon Material Issues

A day or so ago I joined a game of mine only to find that the neon parts seemed to look strange and lack any sort of glow or effects. I did some digging and found out that it may be related to compatibility lighting. It may be a simple bug with the neon material, but many things seem to point to this being an issue with compatibility lighting. Ever since it was announced that legacy lighting was getting deleted, I wasn’t too concerned as compatibility looked nearly the same as legacy, although I still very much preferred legacy. But when the update finally rolled and all my games were forced into compatibility, the neon parts in my games now look as if I’m always on the one graphics setting on a legacy game. All the neon effects in my game have been completely ruined, as they have lost their glow and they now look like some very bright colored smooth plastic blocks.

The following are before and after pictures taken of a game of mine by a player. Before was with legacy, after is with compatibility. These pictures are basically of a skill in a game of mine that turns your body parts neon. The extra shine and ring effects are particle emitters, and if you look closely at the neon body parts, they lack any sort of glow in the compatibility picture.


I’ve been wondering if I can in any way get my neon parts to look similar to how they did with legacy lighting. I hope this is a bug and isn’t related to the new lighting system, but it seems unlikely. I apologize if I seem to have rambled on a bit about compatibility, but these issues have ruined the effects I’ve worked hard to make look good in my games. I haven’t really tried much to fix this as whatever I do doesn’t seem to do anything, and I would appreciate some suggestions.


What’s the color on those neon parts? Here’s a dummy with (255, 255, 64) and it looks close to the glowy-ness of the first one.



Ah, sorry for not including the color in the first place.
The color for the neon parts in the pictures is (239, 184, 56.)

Does it looks any better when you set it to (255, 255, 64)?

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Let me try. Also, this problem isn’t limited to these neon parts. Other effects are affected by this issue, and I’d rather not have to change the color of every single neon part in the game.

Try adjusting bloom in lighting.


It does seem to glow slightly now, but it generally doesn’t seem to give the desired effect of being similar to the pre-compatibility version. Even then, all the other effects I have in the game still lack a glow at all, and I would rather have a solution that doesn’t involve changing the color of all my neon parts to be brighter.
My game also already has a bloom effect, but it doesn’t seem to help much. I will try increasing bloom.

Lowering the Bloom Threshold can help ensure the glow appears on various objects more than increasing Size in my experience. Make sure to try that.