Neon Material Visibility

I’m designing an emergency lighting system for my vehicles, and it’s slated to use neon bricks that change transparency along with a BloomEffect to make it brighter. The problem I’m running into is that Bloom doesn’t render from far distances, which just makes the lighting look bad from far away.

I’ve considered using ParticleEmitters, but I feel like that’ll be a hard thing to make realistic lights out of. Any suggestions as to how I can make my lights look normal at farther distances?


Fiddle around with BasePart.RenderFidelity, it allows you to force the engine to render parts a specific way. In your case, you’ll probably want to look at the Precise option at the priority Highest.

If this does nothing for you, then you’ve done the best you can: everything else is controlled by the engine, which you won’t be able to manipulate.

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You can probably try using a BillBoardGUI to try and make it stand out, although neon doesn’t really render out that far or render through fog, you can try using a BillBoardGUI and find find a flare like decal to then place into the BillBoardGUI through an image label. Make sure to set the LightInfluence to 0 in the BillBoardGUI properties so it can stand out in the dark.

Here is a quick example that I made:

Another solution is to try and utilize beams to achieve this, I asked about how to make parts stand out through fog a few weeks ago and got helpful responses on how to use these beams to achieve this effect. This post can be found here: How would I make a part stand out through fog?

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