How would I make a part stand out through fog?

Hello there! I’m wondering if it’s possible to make a part stand out through the roblox fog engine. I have got a lightning engine for my game where when it rains, fog comes and the lightning engine starts, but I noticed that “Neon” doesn’t really stand out through the fog, here is a screenshot of what I mean.

As you can see, the further you are from the lightning bolt, the more it gets blended with the fog.

What i’m trying to achieve is to get an effect where the lightning stands out through the fog, here is a random google image that I found that shows this.

As you can see, through the foggy skies, the lightning bolt stands out brightly throughout. Is this possible to do?


I’d also like to know of any methods of doing this - I have the same issue :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s possible at the moment without doing something like setting it to always be on top. It would make for a good feature request tho!

try adding a surface light and make it super bright

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@Elttob Yeah it would be cool to have like the neon texture be bright and stand out on the fog, I might request it as a feature!

@RomeoEDD Surface GUI’s sill react with Roblox’s Fog Engine So it still fades in with fog.

The only solution I could find is using a Surface GUI with AlwaysOnTop enabled, using an image label of the effect you want. Here’s a rough example of what it looks like.

The downside to this method is that the lightning would appear through walls/terrain/so on, so I’m not sure if it would be a solution to your problem or not.

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Use a Beam (or collection of them) with LightEmission set to 1. This will show through fog, but properly layer with other 3D objects so it’s not rendering over houses/etc that it’s behind.


@Reverse_Polarity Yeah that would be an issue since I have terrain.

@EchoReaper Works amazingly! I re-scripted the lightning engine to instead position the attachments and size the beams correctly and it looks absolutely stunning!