Neon obstructs SurfaceGui after last night's update


The text on this screen used to be crystal clear. I can always make the screen plastic, but it doesn’t look as nice.

This happens in my game for the loading screen too. The effect is cool, but I don’t know if it should be so obtrusive…

I think this is intentional and ROBLOX should definitely keep it, but they should add a boolean to the SurfaceGui object which enables or disables this effect (or even individual GuiObjects themselves.). Maybe even an Intensity value (0 completely disables the effect?)

Edit: It’s a bug (thanks Usering). Still consider this though :stuck_out_tongue:

I read on a similar thread that this was indeed a bug. Can’t find it though.

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We plan to disable this for always-on-top UI. The only reason why it even worked originally was because SurfaceGui is sort-of always on top? :slight_smile: At least with respect to transparent objects.

We’re gradually migrating to SurfaceGui being part of the normal rendering flow - this is the only way how we can fix sorting issues with transparency. This is a first sign.



I guess you can make this problem less apparent by adding Bloom object, setting Threshold to 1 and then reducing Size to reach a good balance between the amount of glow on the text and the amount of glow elsewhere.

I fixed it by giving the SurfaceGui a semi-transparent background. I also tweaked the text a bit so it could pop out better.

I think it looks even better than it did before.