Neon/Black Material for terrain

I’m not super familiar with terrain tools, but I need to make some terrain that is neon black or invisible for my game. I don’t see any material presets for neon or smooth plastic, only grass and etc. but is there some way to script a neon material in or make a custom texture?


If you are referring to voxel terrain, you can’t make it neon or invisible. You can edit the color of voxel terrain here, but that’s it:

Instead of using voxel terrain, you could use Blender to create terrain using meshes. This would allow you to make neon black and invisible terrain. Blender can take some time to get used to it, so don’t be afraid to check out some YouTube
tutorials on how to use it.


The only issue with using Meshes or Unions to make large sections of terrain is that those items with big differences of height can cause problems since the physical rendering and the visual rendering may not match up and your character may walk in the air above the surface or sink into it in certain places.


You’re correct, but sadly meshes are the only way to make large, optimized terrain that can be customized to be neon or invisible.

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Unless you use individual Parts, but as you stated, that isn’t too optimized.

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I know how to use blender, the thing is that I would get some weird collisions with the meshes I import into roblox which is why I want to terrain if I can. Kinda what scottify said. I thought to import the terrain in sections instead; might help with collisions. that or import the terrain into blender, size of the model just a tad so that the new faces overlap the old ones, then make it neon black and non-collidable. Therefore still getting the appearance but having the collisions.

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for collisions. Meshes imported into roblox don’t have 100% accurate collisions

I asked if the terrain could be invisible as an alternative. My plan was if it could be invisible and not neon black then I could import it into blender then import back into roblox to make it neon black but it would still have the same collisions.

Wouldn’t PreciseConvexDecomposition work for this? - If what you are meaning is the collsions on complex meshes?

That works ok, but for large scale Unions or Meshparts the visual rendering and the collisions aren’t always the same even with PreciseConvexDecomposition.
If you use this plugin by @Maximum_ADHD you’ll see what I mean:

Mesh Optimization Tools - Roblox

One of the tools is “Show Decomposition Geometry” and it’s worked wonders for me!