"NetFail" error when using LoadAsset

Hi everyone. I’ve been having issues over the past 2 weeks with InsertService:LoadAsset(). Every other attempt at loading into my game has failed due to the following issue:

Some context here: At the start of the server launching, it will try to pull the System Model from Roblox via InsertService. If it fails to fetch for whatever reason, it will try again after some time, with said time increasing per increment.

It’s important to note that I’ve only been able to identify this with new servers launching, but I’m lead to believe that they work as expected if they get past this initial hurdle.

Occurrence rate: Typically 20% but can go up to 50% during times of high traffic.


What is the file size of the model?

I’ve gotten this too on rare occasions, but I’m not sure the cause.

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It’s only 793KB, and I’ve worked with a system that’s many times larger in the past. I don’t believe file size has much to do with this current issue.

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Interesting. Do you read any data store requests when the game first starts? Maybe delaying the asset loading might solve the issue.

Does inserting packages behave differently? If so, then this might be different from what I’ve been talking about.

Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


Hey! Was wondering if this is still an issue you are encountering?

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