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About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a Graphic Designer. I do gfx with blender, but I try my best to make them the best, I have experienced with making gfx for over a year now but I am still learning more.


Thumbnails image image

image image|667x375 image image image image image image image image

Game Icons
image image

Profile Pictures

image image image image image


image image
( I am soon gonna improve & make more gfx to interest you guys )


I am available from 7-10 everyday so contacting me will be no problem.


:robux_gold: Thumbnails - 700 - 10k
:robux_gold: Game Icons - 500 - 1k
:robux_gold: Profile Pictures - 50 - 500
:robux_gold: Headers - 100 - 900


Contact me in Discord Netto#0001
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: & have a great day!


Hello! I’m interested in hiring you. But your discord isn’t accepting request, can you please add me? JonathanAviation#8839

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Totally recommend Netto, a very friendly and talented GFX artist who creates amazing work!

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Thank you key! I really appreciate it! :smiley:


They look alright! Keep up the work.

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Very nice, Netto. Good luck improving as well

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Thank you so much TD! :smiley: Your work is amazing as well!

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Hey, im inrested but your discord isnt working. Can you send me a friend request as soon as possible, thanks! Dilabun#6861

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