Network Roblox Rail - Walmington Lines Change Log

This Post Is For In depth Information On Updates To The NRR Game, Walmington Lines, It Also Includes Brief Information On Future Updates

This Post Will Be Edited As New Features Are Introduced

For Information On The Soon To be Created Walmington Lite Please Click the Following Link: Network Roblox rail - Walmington Lite Change Log

Pre-Release 1 (In Development)
  • Extension of Mainline to North End Victoria

  • Metro-way Introduced Serving Metro Style Services To and From North End Starting at Walmington Central

  • Dual Track Operation For Introduced For Mainline After Airport Branch

0.3 Alpha
  • Commuter Rail and Mainline Trains Replaced Will Class 377 Electrostars In Corresponding Liveries.

  • Extension of Commuter Rail To Denton

  • Revamp of Air Connect

0.2 Alpha
  • Air Connect Added - This New Route Connects the Airport Terminals With the Airport Central Station

  • Improved Scenery - Trees and Bushes and Additional Buildings Have Been Added In The Walmington Central Area

0.1 Alpha
  • Game Release

  • Class 170 Commuter Rail and Mainline Added

  • Class 67 Air Express Locomotive Set Added

  • Launch Event Hosted